Valencia 304 Ent 2B 08009 Barcelona
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Cultural Centre
St Vincent del Respeig - mentioned
The objective of the competition was the proposal of a cultural center in Sant Vincente de Raspeig, near Alicante. The program consists of an auditorium and cultural center with exhibition areas and café. Architecture is at the same time a part but also a global element, founder and founded by the city: it builds but is also built. It is upon this essential duplicity that all urbanity is born and therefore all urban architecture. In the Yesera Cultural Centre, only through the project’s urban scale it is possible to establish an open dialog with the city. Defining the tensions that make possible the project to be a coherent answer to the territory’s conditions led to a simple but powerful reflection with the city. Urban tensions are converted into new spaces for the city, establishing new urban relations. Gradually, the project models the urban space and becomes a new urban limit.