via Bocchi 11r 50126 Firenze Italy
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The Play
Chaumont-sur-loire, France - selected
Our project is a theatrical pre-text. Theatre intended as a game where potential lives expose themselves, experiment their strenght, measure its social value, understandings, perspectives. Theatre as game of behaviours, a game of postures, a game of bodies and their direct/indirect perceptions, game of values and dramatically its radical opposition, the game of war,between individuals and their cultures, their sense of future. We designed the space of The Play as a gradual closeness and access to an internal room where a group of pre-conceived behaviours and roles are available and will possibly be acted by visitors in an explicit theatrical game. The design itself foresees a various number of behaviours and gestures, characterized by body locations and vocal interplay, suggestions on the use of specific modules and sculptures, changes of human interactive modalities.