via Bocchi 11r 50126 Firenze Italy
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N093_LausanneJardins_2009_THE EDGE OF THE WOOD
Lausanne– SUBWAY LINE M2 - mentioned
The path followed by an individual to access the underground is a continuous crossing of thresholds, limits, boundaries. The edge of the wood wants to recall this continuous sense of crossover. It wants to signal and trace a boundary, giving a new meaning to the undergroung universe. In order to do this, the project uses the glass surface that divides the quay from the train track to visually reinforce the idea of crossing to “another world”. The movement of the air pushed by the train passing becomes the key to wake up certain senses of the users, the key to open the view to the “hidden wood”. The underground station acquires a new meaning thanks to an image created by a natural simple motion. It becomes the entrance to the underground forest, an intricated network of unknown tunnels, a place where you leave your way to explore the unknown, and let it lead you with its fascination and mistery.