Greifenhagenerstr. 2 10437 Berlin
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Camillo Sitte meets Robert Venturi
Süd-Kreuz Berlin
PROGRAMMATIC PASSE-PARTOUT The frame mediates between the inner surface and adjacent program, it sorts and orders the heterogeneous context. The passe-partout keeps the inside of the void free of generic program. Ramps connect different height levels and join lower situated infrastructural corridors. Existing street patterns are integrated in the frame. The frame can be a parking place or a more generally a hosting filter. For instance the station square can expand and offer space for placing bikes, which is not sufficient today. The 40m wide passe-partout functions like an urban square. It can host all circulation and different elastic programs like parking and temporary events. It has a paved open surface that can be interpreted with different occasions. with Joachim Schultz