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New Moura's Cemetery
Moura - first prize
ateliermob (with Atelier Perspectivas, Betar Estudos, Energia Técnica and Ana Filipa Ramalhete) won the public competition for the new Moura's Cemetery. This new cemetery will be plotted on a 5.16 ha area, on the limit of this Alentejo's city. The winning proposal design is structured upon one long fence wall, that divides the cemetery from the national road. Throughout its extension, it gets larger to embrace the required functional spaces as one chapel or the wake rooms. Taking advantage of the topographic characteristics of the site, the streets will be design as incisions on the ground. Coffins and tumbs will help to construct this deformations. With this solution we will have a more cosy and singular area for individual rituals and the sumptuous social ranks of traditional cemeteries will be subverted.