via Monte Generoso 5, 21047 Saronno
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urban regeneration program
Collegno - second prize
The urban regeneration program for the Oltredora quarter, in the suburb of Turin, is focused on public open spaces. In a residential and very popular quarter growed up in the ’70, characterized by sad and monotonous collective buildings, the project introduce a new system of relations and perceptions. The project, which received the Rimini IQU 2007 Special Award (Urban Quality Innovation) as the “best plan for design for all”, envisaged the creation of a square/parade with a decked area for pausing and getting a glimpse of the urban landscape, a brightly coloured playground, a wooden puppet theatre - the archetypal theme of the roof - for outdoor children’s activities and new play areas. The new interventions are a sort of “contradiction-device” against urban mediocrity.