Königstrasse 12 | 01097 Dresden | Germany
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Großer Markt
Rheinberg - second prize
The resting time and stay quality are raised by the reorganization of the west and eastern side of the big market. The essential functions and place-stamping characters are preserved and accentuated. Besides, the big market is understood as an ensemble in reference to the city hall, church and town hall. Therefore the historical city center is strengthened in its meaning. The current open and diffuse space of the big market will be organized by two new explicit space-characters. The City Hall originates the outstanding, multifunctional town stage. In front of the church and the Town Hall lays a bosk - a contemplative space. The space edges are closed by vertical elements - steles and trees. The overall impression, however, remain permeable and passable. The connection between The Old Town and free scenery emerges.