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Renewal of Public Space in Lingen
Lingen (Ems) - first prize
The concept is based on the character of Lingen´s city centre and includes guidelines for the design of the pavement and street furniture. r + b landschaft s architektur improved the existing links between the inner and outer quarters of the city, by including shopping streets, as well as combining smaller city squares by larger units. Uniformity of street furniture and lighting system and the use of identical paving throughout the city centre were to help experience the public space as a harmonic continuum. The planners used red brick to pave the roads, a material typical for the region, whose various shades of colour and texture lend the city a fresh and lively image. Natural stone ribbons in front of the houses are integrated into the carpet of brick stone. Aside of directing as decorative element, the ribbon functions as an additional display area for shopkeepers and furniture.