Königstrasse 12 | 01097 Dresden | Germany
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Garden D.
Dresden - finalist
The 2,800 m² large property is placed approx. 11 kilometers east of the Dresdner City Centre directly at the slopes by the river Elbe | A special challenge existed in the treatment of the area situated on a slope with complicated accesibility | Terraces with different functions were put on, which join themselves in simple elegance to a modern garden plant. A bath range with pool and biological purification plant, a herb garden, a seat range with view towards the Elbe are connected by stairs. Old sandstone and/or vineyard walls were received and reorganized. New structural elements were arranged appropriately simple | Main objective is that brought together a long-known Topos: the produced meeting one another of the clearly tamed nature of the garden with the wild nature of the steeply dropping, with trees occupied slope | The garden develops over approx. 30 meters down to the Elbe.