Greifenhagenerstr. 2 10437 Berlin
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Berlin Wall Memorial
Bernauer Straße Berlin
The recurrence of time The former „death-zone“ of the inner-german border is brought back to cultivation. All aspects of a civil life-cycle have been forcefully cut of with the erection of the border zone for 28 years. The Berlin Wall was imposing a strict order on the territory; large efforts were made to bring control over all aspects of life. The entire infrastructure of the border-regime was opposed to live and change. The proposal suggests to curate new civilisatory and natural processes by initiating cultivation of the land and dynamics of social life. The Berlin Wall is projected as a site to learn the overcoming of borders in the future. The culture/nature hybrid is understood as a constitutive part in premodern society and referenced in the „Augsburger Monatsbilder“