Greifenhagenerstr. 2 10437 Berlin
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deep ecology
Duisburg Rheinpark - special prize
Three layers form the park: The Park constitutes of three autonomous layers with specific qualities. The +/- 0 Layer It serves as a reference to the generic green found in most parks and gardens in the city. This represents the conventional approach of bringing an additional Layer of fertile earth on top of everything and plant some sanitary green. The -1 Layer 100% natural It’s the almost natural lowland of the excavated gravel-layer. It is given back to the landscape in esthetic and soil-function like the opposite bank of the Rhine. Surface water can run of in this area and seep away to the Rhine like the natural regime. It’s a no-design meadow with a few trees. The +1 Layer 100% artificial The inflated landfill. This excessive body of contamination is designed as a purely artificial surface with a that provides a large number of promenades and room for a broad variety of activities. collaboration with Jonas Luther