Klenzestraße 57c - 80469 Munich - Germany
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Parkstadt Schwabing
Munich - first prize
The central green space is designed as a highly representative park with a important value of identification for the people living and working in the new accommodation developed by Schmidt Landscape Architects and Andrè Perret in urban planning and landscape architectural competition in 1994. The main idea of the park is its allusion to the close alps, that are integrated into the park in different ways. Through its stretched shape a perspective to the alps is emerging. Nothing is in between even the 10x10x10 m high pavilions made from white steel. Not without an irony the mountains appear in the theme gardens. With it’s 560 m in length and 40 m in width it shows a sequence of tree covered areas and open lawns. The theme gardens create an abstract persiflage of different landscapes that lie between Munich and the Alps.