Klenzestraße 57c - 80469 Munich - Germany
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Munich Airport - Terminal 2
Munich - first prize
The goal is to absorb the natural structures and qualities of the airport grounds and their surroundings, to develop them further and to transform them. New rows and clusters of trees will be added to the existing rows of trees. The result is an interesting combination of spaces with interesting views, both within and outside the areas. From the visitors’ hill, an avenue leads to the node West 1 in the airport park. This area is structured into three adjacent strips. The central strip lies approximately 1.5 meters below its surroundings. Because it is so close to the ground water, it is an ideal location for wet meadows, that will be loosely planted with birches and pines. The strong architectural design contrasts this natural character. The sloped lawn parallelograms on top of a car park are one of countless eyecatchers, the visitor explores in this transitory space.