Klenzestraße 57c - 80469 Munich - Germany
project image
Danziger Platz, Ostbahnhof
Frankfurt/ Main - second prize
The Danziger Platz is a main center between the East End at the edge of the inner city district and the East Park. The main intent was to connect the Green belt at this point and to revalue the amenity and the whole surrounding, which is coined by its structural change. The plaza design is a alienating staging of space by the play of light and water of the Chromatope Lights, inspiring the visitor to a interactive play of light and water bearing a different character in day- and night time. Each luminaire has four moving lights with special colour filters projecting people in colourful shades, as soon as they are targeted by the light. Cityprints on the move”. The integrating paving consisting of five different shapes in two colours creates the spatial relation.