29. augusta 13, Bratislava, Slovakia
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Roof House
In order to manage the situation with the street remaining one of the main traffic veins in the city of Bratislava and to provide our client with a comfortable and habitable environment without unaccepted levels of noise and dustiness along with his (her) other requirements, we are pushing the clerestory's facade back of 1200 mm to have the so called green filter created. This space, in fact, respects the original facade raised one floor up; however, it is filled with the green creating some optical-hygienic "curtain". The flat as such is then situated 1200 mm far from the building's edge behind the glassed wall. This way we will obtain a glassed space, one cannot look into from outside, one have perfect view from on the planned new city part, a space, which need not be hidden behind jalousies. The filter thus becomes a longitudinal "small garden” too.