Monumentenstr. 33-34 I 10829 Berlin I Germany
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Frankfurt am Main I Germany
2001-2007 I In cooperation with Prof. Norbert Müggenburg I photos: Prof. Dieter Leistner I In the Northwest of Frankfurt – on a spacious former agricultural area - a new city quarter is being built. “Am Riedberg” is to house some 15,000 residents and workers. The competition for the 7.5 hectare Boniface Park, held in 2001, called for an initiating design to set this urban development off. The point of departure for design considerations was conceptualizing the possible role of a public park in the realm of a typical one family and terraced house settlement. How can or should public open space relate to private ground; or which kind of aesthetic would answer to the small scale and variety of this kind of urban structures? The central focus in designing Boniface Park was on generating an articulate spatial gesture identifiable for the future inhabitants, i.e. a park characterized by a clear structure, open vistas and large open spaces.