322 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London SW10 9UG
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Guys & Dolls
Chelsea, London
Completion: September 2004 Intended to be a world viewed from a child’s perspective, the design for this boutique creates a playful, colourful environment where children can feel safe, comfortable, and happy. Scale plays an important role for both parent and child throughout. Themed on the geometry of circles, the entirely bespoke shop is embellished with spiral display rails and staircase, rotating mirrors, curvy drawer units and displays, and cylindrical fitting rooms and play pods. The rubber floor curves up to meet the walls, resembling a skateboard ramp running down the length of the store and creating a fun, tactile space. The scheme continues into an outdoor play garden at the rear of the store with softly banked grass sides and bouncy rubber external flooring. Sybarite provided full architectural services and was also appointed to design the Guys & Dolls brand logo, packaging and stationary.