322 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London SW10 9UG
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Cox & Power
Marylebone, London
Completion: October 2004 Jewellery is, in its very essence, star-like; it sparkles, catches the light in a number of fantastic ways; it is beautiful, luxurious and often timeless. So what single environment does this evoke? For Sybarite the inspiration lies within our own galaxy, star systems and planets. The concept was to recreate the universe within a retail environment, incorporating a beautifully lacquered curving wall to frame the tableau. This wall contains a series of randomly scattered, illuminated display capsules, each resembling a globular star formation or galaxy. The metallic lacquer on the walls has a milky reflective quality which adds depth to the finish, forming a perfect backdrop to the display. Anchored by the ebony granite floor and blackened ceiling void, the combined elements form a completely unique spatial configuration.