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Liquorish Bar
East Dulwich, London
Liquorish is a new bar and restaurant in Dulwich, a conversion of an existing shop space and an extension with a 10m long roof-light. A new double height space explores domestic and commercial scales within the new extension. Light is a critical element of the design, and we collaborated with Zerlina Hughes, a theatrical lighting designer, who has worked extensively on opera and theatre in Europe. We used exposed light bulbs, and lines of light that are hidden within walls, or cut across them. We have used materials and theatrical techniques in a playful way: a negative image of a light-bulb is screen-printed in a lit niche, and positioned behind a real light bulb; cast concrete floor planks appear at first glance to be of timber. The different materials each have their own character; reclaimed materials in the tables and bar front, set against a cast concrete shop front and bar top.