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Paris - invited
Bondage is a piece about enigma – on mystery and fantasy. It is digital in nature, but analog on the surface. In Bondage, I use wood and paper as a vehicle for digital image and sound. On it I project iconography of Japan, the sliding paper screen (shoji), a woman in a kimono. The sounds are sine-waves, but not in a typical ultra-clean design space. The viewer’s presence completes the loop, uncovering parts of Nobuyoshi Araki’s original photograph, scanned left to right in frequency bands producing sound. The quadraphonic sound system is oriented vertically in the plane of the paper screen. The fibers of the paper give an organic surface for the digital pixels. The result is a total environment, a concentrated space where sound meets image, but where interaction is not pushed to the fore. Instead, I attempt to create a magical space, drawing upon the voyeuristic fantasies of the viewer.