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tokyo - invited
Soundnet is a new live performance musical instrument of monumental proportions created by Sensorband (Zbigniew Karkowski, Edwin van der Heide, Atau Tanaka). It is a giant web 11meters x 11 meters, created with 16mm thick shipping rope. At the end of the ropes are eleven sensors that detect stretching and movement. We perform the instrument by climbing on it, all three of us at once. Soundnet is inspired by The Web, a 1 meter diameter spider's web created by the composer Michel Waisvisz, at STEIM, Amterdam. We are creating music with interactive technology, but the technology part is tiny compared to the physical part. The rope, the metal, and the humans climbing it take on an incredible physicality, and focus more on the organic nature and the human element of interaction rather than on mouseclicks and screen redraws. This puts the emphasis in man-machine interaction back towards the human side.