2nd Floor, 101 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DL
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The Lift - a new parliament
Demountable Structure - first prize
Conceived as a building like no other, the Lift will be a meeting place that hosts performances, ceremonies, forums, talks, workshops, virtual conferences, installations, and exhibitions by day. By night, it is a beacon, an after dark installation, transmitting sound and image, radio broadcasts, films and documentation of the day’s activities, communicating messages of its activities through theatre and the web. Our design takes the archetypal form of a tent as its starting point, creating a flexible membrane structure. This recognisable and inherently flexible form allows for additional structures to be introduced within it, making it an evolving and playful space adaptable to the myriad functions that the Lift engenders. The structure will utilise simple, proven and traditionally collaborative technology for erection, ventilation and cooling. Opens Stratford, East London 2008