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Liverpool - mentioned
Polyopoly is a game of possibility. A thinking tool. An agent of change. Designed for play by all implicated in an urban regeneration project, it offers an instantly familiar terrain on which proposals can be creatively articulated, explored, even challenged. Appropriating the model but subverting the logic of a well-known board game, Polyopoly swaps hard cash for time, skills and knowledge, and production-line hotels for a collage of opportunities. Players imagine their way around the board, adapting the landscape as they go. Conversation and negotiation generate open questions about the environment. Polyopoly seeks to demystify development processes, encouraging alternatives to the top-down masterplan. More process than object, Polyopoly and its rules are there to be questioned. While the prototype, developed in Liverpool, functions as artefact, each version of Polyopoly evolves collaboratively, eliciting specific local possibilities.