2nd Floor, 101 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DL
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Janet Summers Early Years Centre
Southwark, London
AOC’s brief was to build a physical link between the existing nursery and reception classrooms and develop an exemplar environment in response to the new DfES Early Years curriculum. The infill extension evolved into an L-shaped roof element defining three distinct but joined teaching spaces – a connecting role-play room, an external classroom and a covered play area. On top a new external teaching terrace and roof garden is created for the older year groups in the first floor classrooms. The combination of ceiling surfaces, floor markings and existing elements (benches, handrails, trees) create a series of suggestive spaces encouraging teachers and pupils to appropriate and adapt the spaces – today ancient Egypt, tomorrow Narnia. Real and perceived nooks, hideaways and caves enable the children to be visible in the public, fluid space of the shared facilities whilst being separate and apart, alone or with a friend.