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Birnbeck Island (2007)
Weston-Super-Mare, UK - mentioned
Weston-super-Mare in North Somerset was a great seaside destination - Birnbeck Island one of its main attractions. But that was history. The new proposal for Birnbeck Island offers exciting programmatic and spatial possibilities – “An Inhabitable Garden on the Beach”. Private residents, short-term apartments and commercial facilities coexist within this new landscape. Its community consists the young to the old, permanent residencies and day-trippers. This typology re-evaluates the idea of urban-living in a village community. The existing concrete platform is expanded with lightweight structures and timber decking creating an energetic spatial fluidity community. Diners can jump straight into the sea for an after dinner swim! Floral displays constantly redefine the physical edge of the development, while giving large splashes of bold colours to the normally grey colours bay. Seasonal flowers perfume the air.