102 Chepstow Road, London W2 5QS
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Contemporary Galleries
Victoria & Albert Museum, London UK - finalist
In summer 2006 Moxon were shortlisted to design the new Contemporary Gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington, London. The brief called for a sealed ‘box’ that could house changing exhibitions of contemporary design whilst also providing an exciting spectacle from various vantage points in the museum. The design has a crafted and tailored internal black roof, modelled to accommodate high-level views across the gallery space. The highly reflective, undulating surface sets up a dialogue between the rich details of the existing Victorian architecture and the smooth, sensuous and shiny geometry of the new addition. The entrance to the gallery is through a new ‘volumetric’ entrance, comprised of offset layers of translucent polycarbonate. These act as a series of back-projection screens for graphics and moving images that change with each exhibition.