95 Greencroft Gardens, London NW6 3PG, UK
project image
Sustainable Office Building (2007)
Preston, UK - finalist
The design proposal is conceived to offer exciting spatial flexibility of its open plan and a re-evaluation of commercial office spaces. The surfaces of the ground and below ground fold to form the enclosure for the new office building. The manipulated surfaces acknowledge the unique site condition; it projects a strong sculptural mass and the permeability of the envelope maintains visual. The external folded asphalt surfaces give the building a sophisticated jet-black colour and texture and act as a solar energy collector. The new building appears to be rising out of the surrounding water landscape, catching the light reflected off the water’s surface in a caustic celebration, most evident from the roundabout. Sun light from the south is reflected off the shallow tray of water, caught by the large overhang surfaces to be further reflected as diffused natural day lighting into the office spaces.