95 Greencroft Gardens, London NW6 3PG, UK
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Pig Tower, Smithfield Market (2007)
London, UK - special prize
Sat next to the long stretch of Smithfield's meat market, this towering building devotes itself to pork. Only in the small hours of the morning does the Pig Tower come to life and by day, the building and its porters sleep. Inspired by the fairy tale of “The Three Little Pigs”, the three towers, each metaphorically being the home of a little piggy, are made from straw, sticks and bricks. The straw tower allows air to cure the pork for its required time before being cooked, while the tower of sticks houses meat for smoking. Smoke wafts between the gaps of straws and sticks, while adding flavors to the smoked pork. The tower of brick is the safe home; a collection of pork recipes spans over many levels and is bookmarked by numerous beds. At the feet of the three towers, visitors can experience a virtual apple orchard with discreet sweet apple scents. Awarded the Best Drawing Prize at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 07