95 Greencroft Gardens, London NW6 3PG, UK
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MAC Central Open Space (2007)
Korea - finalist
The Central Open Space is a 6.98km2 public green core of the Multi-functional Administrative City (MAC), conceived as an “Arable Kitchen-Garden Park”. This new urban landscape typology does not employ the conventions of a traditional urban park. The vision, bringing the countryside to the city, will revolutionize the way people think about urban greens. The strategy starts with preserving the area’s historical and cultural identity - the existing arable fields. A matrix of five different interacting urban groundwork systems is applied to compliment the inhabitable green canvas of the countryside: (1) Lifelines connecting all activities (2) Lawn Piers with manicured grass plane for picnics, sunbathing and games (3) Orchard Hubs providing fruits, blossoms and seasonal scents (4) Watercourses to reinforce the hydrology and ecological dynamics of the site (5) Interactive Technologies increases the interface between nature and culture.