Slovenska cesta 55A, Ljubljana
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Satellite city for 9000 People
Ljubljana Suburbs, Slovenia - second prize
Sited along a main road servicing Ljubljana, the competition required a master plan for a mixed-use development hinged around a 3.000 unit residential component. The newly planned satellite city, on a former industrial site, called for a rational plan solution within a tight budget. The focus of our intervention was to re-define the existing edge condition of the city; deviating from the traditional (sub)urban block-neighborhood, the project sets out to establish a more distinctive identity. The project negotiates the standard and the unorthodox to produce socially interactive living conditions within various housing and landscape habitats. Deploying the repetition and succession of two extreme typologies-periscope towers and vast housing blocks with numerous patios - the scheme satisfies the appetite for contemporanaiety. Vocabulary: patch typologies, field variations, edit-cut-paste operation, repetition, succession, coding