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Bohinj - invited
The villa is located in the valley of the National Park Triglav, which is indirectly souranded by the magnificant Julian Alps, where the view is the point of contact for the interior design of the house: spaces become halls with screens, showing the entire area of the souranding. On the outside, the concept seems like an addition to the already existent edifice, while the interior is merged into a fluid, homogenously designed space. Through nostalgia over local architectural highlights such as “kozolec”- a type of hayrack and shepherds’ cottages, we are trying to found a new façade concept. We modify the traditional motif into a pattern of “local lace” that, through its transparency, enables maximum contact between the exterior and the interior. This way we develop a unique entity within the local tones and use it as the leading element of our interior design. The wooden intervention becomes a link in the common story.