Poljanska cesta 6, 1000 Ljubljana
project image
NKBM bank branch
Type: Commission | Size: 900 m2 | Budget: 1.200.000 EUR | Client: Nova KBM d.d. | Year: 2001 | Status: Completed | Project team: Dean Lah, Milan Tomac, Anze Zalaznik | Photographer: Blaz Budja | The interior design project for the NKBM Bank branch utilises a territorializing system that was developed as a set of basic functional elements. They regulate the spatial ratio between customer and employee areas and provide private spaces for banking discussion. The conventional vertical screen mutated into a deformed glass shell of a complex geometry in order to provide optimal spatial ergonomics in a limited amount of space. Glass triangles are locally assembled with steel clips, which enable angle adjustments for individual fixation. Glass shells are a self-supporting system that doesn't require additional structure. Variable opacity is provided with a geometrical print of three different densities on the inside of the shell.