Poljanska cesta 6, 1000 Ljubljana
project image
Type: Invited competition, 1st Prize 2004 | Awards: Golden pencil 2007 | Size: 4.624 m2 | Budget: 3.800.000 EUR | Client: Liz - Inzeniring d.d. | Year: 2004 | Status: Completed | Project team: Dean Lah, Milan Tomac, Jernej Zivic, Polona Ruparcic, Matjaz Drinovec, Eva Matjasic, Natasa Mrkonjic, Marusa Zupancic | Landscape architecture: Bruto | Structural consultant: Elea iC | Photographer: Miran Kambic | New residential building has 47 dwelling units and it is divided in two lamellas parallel with the Jurckova street. Due to mostly individual infill in direct vicinity of new building, lamellas are further divided into smaller blocks, which differentiate by colour and measure. Coloured, concrete balconies are arranged commonly on both lamellas connecting smaller blocks back to a whole. Despite the large number of balconies privacy is ensured with closed side of balconies.