6, rue desagues, 75011, Paris, FR
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Johnny Farah
Paris, France
This is a private commission to design a leather boutique for Johnny Farah in the heart of Paris; in the Marais area. Having already his Showroom in New York, Dubai and Beirut, Johnny Farah, a meticulous leather ‘Artisan’ whose design lines trace back to his influence by legends of danish designs, decides to open his first boutique/showroom in Paris in the designers cutting edge milieu. DORELL GHOTMEH TANE / ARCHITECTS have carefully designed his space to complement and bring forward the items of his boutique. Portraying the process of leather making, a process requiring a bodily strength and the use of raw and rough materiel, the space is conceived with pure and noble materials. A 7 m long raw metal table, lightly stands on a dark gray concrete floor. Paralleled by a massive wood furniture on the side, the table is on the backdrop of a red wooden wall shaped by panels assembled from the ruined scaffolding of Paris buildings’ facades.