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PLAY 2 PLAY -Interfering dimensions-
Niigata, Tokyo, etc in Japan
‘PLAY 2 PLAY - Interfering dimensions’ was premiered on the 20th April 2007 at the Ryutopia in Niigata, where the first public dance company in Japan ‘Noism’ is based. The piece was afterwards performed in Shizuoka, Tokyo and Hyogo. In this piece, a challenge of synchronizing a multidisciplinary team of specialist in Choreography, Space, Music and Fashion was set forward by Jo Kanamori the Artistic Director of Noism dance company in Ryutopia. This decision to bring together a whole team of specialist into the making of one performance has put together into the same line the creative intension of these different specialists, thus producing a synchronized piece of ‘moving’ arts. A performance that was able to take place in a synthesis of peforming arts.