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Estonian National Museum
Tartu, Estonia - first prize
Instead of ignoring it, the Museum physically connects to it and appropriates it into its own space in order to change its meaning. this empty field is no longer a ‘military’ airfield but an extension of the National Museum’s space. With a sensitive implementation on this site, the National Museum’s roof meets the airfield’s width and expands beyond its own ‘architectural’ boundary towards an ‘infinite space’/ Project Status : Project in Progress to be completed in 2011 / Location : Tartu, Estonia / Dates : Competition won in January 2006 – to be completed in 2011 / Area: 28 000 m2 / Commission Type : Public / Client : Estonian National Museum, Ministry of Culture of Estonia / Program: Museum (Exhibitions spaces, Conference hall, Public Library, Auditoriums, Educational rooms, Offices, Collection Storages)