pannekoekstraat 104 / rotterdam / the netherlnads
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Madrid - second prize
The proposal seeks to respect the architectural values of the existing building and tries to be coherent with the original intentions of the architects Antonio Palacios y Joaquín Otamendi. The design is based on a series of interventions in the building that can be put in order according to the following conceptual sequence: A. Analysis of the current state of the building and valuation of the elements that have to be demolished. The elements that are going to be kept are the protected floors, facades and artistic elements, as well as the original structure. The rest of the building is in its majority demolished.“ B. Analysis of the new programme, which could be easily integrated in the existing building and the functions that should be placed in the new interventions. C. New interventions: glazed volumes.“ Four compact interventions will be in charge of revitalizing the four most significant areas of the project.