pannekoekstraat 104 / rotterdam / the netherlnads
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Zaragoza - third prize
Within the urban development of the new high-speed train station of the AVE in Zaragoza, the master plan proposes to build 40.000 m2 of hybrid program that has to solve the needs of the area functionally speaking, and at the same time has to work as a landmark in the area on the urban scale. The complex consists of four main elements: a commercial plinth, two residential towers, one office tower and an exterior skin that wraps the different volumes providing unity and identity to the intervention. The outer skin is made of transparent and translucent elements that allow sensing the sculptural volumes hidden in the interior of the general volume. Its design is based on horizontal strips of different colors that reinforce the perspective along the longitudinal axis of the square in front of the complex. The colored strips give an unitary and emblematic image to the complex.