Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Chateauroux France
Chateauroux, a medium city in the centre of France, is suffering under the lack of urban structure and identity. This urban and architectural proposal gives an answer to this problem. The open area beside the railway station is filled in with generous buildings with houses and offices. The relation between the northern part of Chateauroux and the old town centre is repaired by four new bridges which cut along buildings. To limit the noise of the track the office functions as a buffer to the houses. The houses have been subdivided in an inside and an outside ring. The livings are located in the double high spaces of six meter in the outer ring. In the inside ring the spaces of three meter height, like bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and entrance are located. The height differences are translated to the elevations. The large openings of five meter height in the elevation at the livings give the building a strong and generous expression.