Wilgenweg 20-B, 1031 HV Amsterdam
project image
Den Bosch
This housing block design started with a simple, efficient block. By adjusting the building to its urban context, a clear-cut volume with a strong identity was generated. View lines from the access roads and surrounding bridges cut through the block and create various kinds of opening towards the water. Therefore the building offers surprising views of the lake when seen from the adjoining neighbourhood.The ascending rooflines don’t only emphasize the two corners of the sculptural block, but also give it a characteristic front. The volume rises from 3 layers on the side that faces the water houses to 7 layers on the lakeside, granting all apartments in the block a great view. The access alternation of galleries generates a sculptural courtyard façade, but also creates different housing types. In addition, there are special flats in the corners of the building, at the “beach” and on the side facing the water. // Design: LOOS + HUB