Wilgenweg 20-B, 1031 HV Amsterdam
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Blok 64
Amsterdam / IJburg
Block 64 is the last building block at the southeastern end of Haveneiland East in IJburg. It comprises 45 one- and multifamily houses plus a parking garage. The multifamily apartment block is placed on the corner of the island, serving as an architectural accent. The one- family town houses are connected to this volume and wrap themselves around the intimate courtyard. The starting point of the design was the special shape of the plot. At the southeastern end, the block looks as if somebody took a big knife and cut it off diagonally. The standard grid of 5,40 metre, exposed by the cut, adds to the expressive look of the fa├žade that faces the water. This play with plasticity is further emphasized by the cantilevering balconies. Thanks to this layout, all houses are orientated in two or three directions and make the best of their location within the block.