Wilgenweg 20-B, 1031 HV Amsterdam
project image
Workshop Building
The workshop building is located in a context of sculptural industrial buildings along a canal. Our task was to design an inexpensive building that houses a multitude of functions. In order to keep the plot free of clutter, we decided to integrate the storage zone into the volume, literally increasing the substance of the building. The required fence around the plot "shrinks to fit": Instead of encircling the whole plot, it becomes a protective skin for the building. In fact it forms an inexpensive fa├žade, through which its PU hypodermis, remains visible. Inside, the workshops and storage spaces are situated in the body and tail of the building, while the more complex functions are fittingly located in its head. An incision marking the main entrance splits the head into two: One part containing the cafeteria and office space, the other housing the concierge apartment which has a balcony looking out over the canal. // Design: LOOS + HUB