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The edge of the village of Baambrugge
Baambrugge, Holland - first prize
The original village developed in the form of separate plots spread along the raised bank of the river, with a compact centre around the village church. In the 1950’s and 1960’s a number of new developments extended the village. These consisted predominantly of row housing with shallow sloping roofs. Although the new housing is located within one of these extended areas the buildings are organised in such a way that they seek a link with the looser topography of the old village. Views from within the neighbourhood out to the landscape are accentuated and the original agricultural boundaries are reinstated and integrated into the neighbourhood. Where possible the individual dwellings are made recognisable by the use of roofs whose ridges are perpendicular to the façade. Semi-detached, apartments and row houses are treated in the same manner in order to strengthen the unity of the neighbourhood and in turn the village as a whole.