estanislao figueras, 6 madrid 28008
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House of steel and wood, 2003-2005
Asturias - special prize
Contemporary revision of models of vernacular architecture (wood granary and glazed gallery, use of wood in structure and sealing). Combination and reinterpretation of formal and constructive typologies of the traditional architecture of northern Spain. Implantation which adapts to climate conditions and which integrally respects the wooded area. Reversibility of the architecture. The fa├žade is determined by means of a combination of two types of wood (North Pine and Douglas Pine. The random combination of elements integrates the dwelling into the landscape like bark on a new tree. Position, geometry and folds that are adapted to the climate and solar orientations. The double height is not conceived with spatial or composite ends; instead it is a bioclimatic device for regulating the thermal function of the house, acting as a regulator of temperature.