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Ecoboulevard of Vallecas.2004-2007
Madrid - first prize
The proposal for the Ecoboulevard of Vallecas can be defined as an urban recycling operation consisting of the following phases: the creation of three air trees/social animateurs; the densification of the existing alignments of trees; the reduction and asymmetrical laying out of vehicle traffic thoroughfares; and superficial interventions in the existing urban tissue (perforations, infill, painting, etc.) capable of reconfiguring the urbanism in place. Three pavilions or ‘air trees’, like temporary prostheses, act as a medium open to multiple activities in the ‘non-city’. The trees are made of light structures that can be easily dismantled if needed and that are self-sufficient energy wise, consuming only what they are capable of producing by means of accumulation of photovoltaic solar energy. These systems must only be used until the defect of inactivity and climatic conditioning has been corrected.