Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 2-4 D-50672 Cologne, Germany
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German Pavilion Venice Biennale2004
021_Deutschlandscape (invited competition, 2004) Asked to design furniture for the German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2004, BeL developed an immersive panoramic space that blended the boundaries between visitors and the presentation. A 3-dimensional matrix was laid over the entire pavilion. To achieve a multiple perspective parametric trajectories distort the regularity of the matrix to an immersive ornamental structure developed from Rococo embroidery. The hybrid panoramic furniture places the visitor amid the presentation. Manufactured from printed fabric the panoramic furniture is sewn to a computer pattern. It is reminiscent of pouffes, rail compartments, stools and ad columns and contains the entire exhibition on its surface. Ergonomic and perspective laws shape the surface of the furniture. Books and LCD displays are riveted to the fabric. (Team: Anne-Julchen Bernhardt, Jörg Leeser)