Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 2-4 D-50672 Cologne, Germany
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Im Auel 25 51491 Overath
013_Rationator (private residence, completed 2004) Overath is a small town on the frontier of Cologne’s suburbia. Rationator is a detached house for a family with 3 children, Sited on a stretched building plot along the bank of the Agger River, the house is threatened by floods up to 2,5 m above ground level. Thus the design anticipates possible flooding with a choice of flood resistant materials and construction techniques. The clients represent the quintessential middle class family with an affinity to vernacular conceptions. Rationator acknowledges this generic predisposition with a choice of communication strategies and profound typological exercises. (Team: Anne-Julchen Bernhardt, Jörg Leeser, Eveline Jürgens, Sascha Glasl, Wiebke Schlüter) Photo left © Marc Räder, Photo right © Veit Landwehr http://www.n-tv.de/759915.html