Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 2-4 D-50672 Cologne, Germany
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European trade fairs - mentioned
005_DIN = 1:√2 (trade fair stand, completed 2002) Developed as a travelling exhibition stand on European trade fairs, DIN transforms the client’s 2-dimensional Corporate Identity into 3-dimensional space. Applying the graphical rules of the DIN stationary system onto all spatial elements generates a surreal totality of Wagnerian scope. DIN celebrates myths of German engineering being an apparent “white hole” of immaculate purity within the loud context of trade fares. On second glance subtle ambiguities of scale and texture reveal inherent inconsistencies of the assumed perfection. DIN was awarded with a special mention at the Bauwelt Prize 2003. (Team: Anne-Julchen Bernhardt, Jörg Leeser) Photo © Marc Räder