Berlin - Los Angeles
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BAD (bath) - infrastructural leisure equipment
Stuttgart, Germany - second prize
BAD (bath) is a temporal architecture situated in the highly frequented leisure landscape of Solitude palace gardens nearby Stuttgart in Germany. BAD (bath) is based on a 1,000-meter garden hose that plugs via a hydrant into the hidden existing infrastructure network and can carry enough water to fill a bathtub for up to two persons to take a bath. Arranged in countless loops, the elastic hose forms the surface of a screen that catches the sun, thus heating the water in the hose. After the bath the water is released to irrigate the surroundings. BAD (bath) interprets ways of inhabiting and interpreting the urbanized landscape, based on infrastructural realities and leisure conventions. It proposes an alternative, self-empowered form of leisure. It draws on the anarchic expertise of everyday knowledge (the warming up of water in a garden hose) instead of investing in capital-intensive technology.