Charlottenstraße 95, 10969 Berlin
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head in | im kopf
Berlin - selected
In the eleventh exhibition of the jetzt | now series at the Berlinische Galerie, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Photography and Architecture, magma architecture designed a dramatic installation custom tailored for the 150 m² exhibition space. The complex and smooth form has not been developed on the drawing board or on the computer, but is based on experiments testing the specific properties of the extremely flexible fabric (Polyamide and Elastan) under force impact. The fabric stretches between the walls and ceiling of the museum forming a structure which seems to float above the ground. Visitors can move their heads into the interior of the structure from below through openings in the fabric to study models and drawings by magma architecture on display. The exhibition will be awarded a contractworld award in January 2008. Photos: Dominik Jörg (1) and Johanna Diehl (2+3)